The Sun in a Net

First love isn’t always about romance: two young people in the middle of a big city endeavour to find themselves and their place in the world, experiencing a measure of anguish along the way. In adopting an entirely new kind of sensitivity in his film, Štefan Uher paved the way for the up-and-coming generation of filmmakers.

Slnko v sieti
  • English
90 min.

This film is always described as a work which essentially incorporates everything that was fundamental for the Czechoslovak New Wave: prosaic characters and plots, hidden drama, and the evocation of authentic atmosphere. The Sun in a Net also anticipated the strong interest in young heroes, yet perhaps only Forman was able to capture them with the same kind of immediacy achieved by Štefan Uher. Uher wasn’t seeking ways to make them exceptional; a silent observer, he simply entered an ordinary apartment block in contemporary Bratislava and chose two adolescents from among its occupants. He refrained from making judgements, instead quietly prompting his viewers to catch the allusions necessary to appreciate the complexity of his characters’ situation and the tests they must face before they can finally get together. Bela is at last learning to understand her disabled mother, while Fajolo seeks solitude on the roof of the building, where he meditates about himself, about life, and about Bela. The film was digitally restored to mark 50 years since it was made.

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Director: Štefan Uher
Screenplay: Alfonz Bednár
Cinematography: Stanislav Szomolányi
Music: Ilja Zeljenka
Sound: Rudolf Pavlíček
Editing: Bedřich Voděrka
Production Design: Juraj Červík
Producer: Ján Svikruha
Cast: Marián Bielik, Jana Beláková, Ondrej Vandlík, Oľga Šalagová, Eliška Nosáľová, Ľubo Roman, Pavol Chrobák, Adam Jančo, Peter Lobotka