A psychological drama of the illness of an individual and the illness of the society.

Czechoslovakia 1969
  • English
95 min.

A story of a man threatened by a fatal illness evaluating his life (the number 322 in the film title stands for the diagnosis of one kind of cancer). He understands his illness as a form of punishment for his cruel deeds in the 1950s. In the face of reality and his efforts to cleanse himself he hits a barrier of indifference, lack of interest, and individual and collective selfishness. He has to find his own reconciliation with his illness and his past and present life.

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Director: Dušan Hanák
Based on: Ján Johanides
Screenplay: Dušan Hanák, Nataša Tanská, Ján Johanides
Cinematography: Viktor Svoboda st.
Music: Ladislav Gerhardt
Sound: Ondrej Polomský
Editing: Alfréd Benčič
Production Design: Anton Krajčovič
Producer: Gejza Maráky
Costumes: Júlia Morvicová
Cast: Václav Lohniský, Lucyna Winnicka, Josef Abrhám, Miroslav Macháček, František Zvarík, Vladimír Weiser, Emil Horváth st., Viktor Blaho