The Bloody Lady

The romantic story of crime and love according to historical legends of the Čachtická castle written, animated and directed by Viktor Kubal.

Krvavá pani
  • English
75 min.

An animated film by the great Slovak filmmaker Viktor Kubal based on the legend of the lady of the Čachtice castle and her terrible habits. Well-observed elements of horror combined with Kubal's natural inclination for parody made The Bloody Lady a peculiar synthesis of both genres. Against the backdrop of a romantic love story with elements of comedy and tragedy, the eternal struggle between good and evil is depicted.

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Director: Viktor Kubal
Screenplay: Viktor Kubal
Cinematography: Otto Geyer
Music: Juraj Lexmann
Sound: Alexander Pallós
Editing: Marta Solarová
Production Design: Viktor Kubal
Producer: Pavel Forisch
Cast: Jela Lukešová