In his latest film, Jan Švankmajer reveals his famous Kunstkamera at the castle in Horní Staňkov and, accompanied by the music of Antonio Vivaldi, invites the audience to take a walk through the space of his own inspiration.

Czechia 2022
115 min.
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.

A tantalising view of the Czech surrealist and filmmaker Jan Švankmajer’s pri­vate collection of artefacts and objects, full of beauty and magic. In Kunstkamera Czech surrealist Jan Švankmajer opens the door to his Horní Staňkov Castle inviting us into his home where the living space is intricately and organically intertwined with an exhibition space filled with installations, paintings, puppets and products of nature, but also an unmade bed, his bedside table, an open bottle of beer and a dog bowl. Horní Staňkov is home to the eclectic private collection that Švankmajer has built throughout his life inspired by the kunstkameras of Rudolf II and André Breton. Now providing a tantalising view into his world through the sequence of objects and an interpretation of the collection, Švankmajer’s inner landscape is captured on film for posterity and shared with his fans from all over the world.

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Director: Jan Švankmajer
Screenplay: Jan Švankmajer
Cinematography: Adam Oľha, Jan Růžička
Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Producer: Jaromír Kallista, Pavla Kallistová
Cast: Jan Švankmajer
  • This film is available in the following territories: Czechia, Slovakia.